Post Size - Post Height - Installation

What size dock post do I need?

The Better Boat Bumper will work with any metal dock post with an outside diameter between 1 5/8" and 1 7/8". It will also accommodate square posts that are 2" or less.

What is the ideal post height above the dock?

A post height of 22" to 23" is recommended. It allows the 24" post sleeve to adjust upwards 20" on the dock post. This low profile reduces obstructions and thus provides better views of the lake.

What if my dock posts are taller than 23" above the dock?

Three options - See Video https://youtu.be/whamku0Zeso

1 - Pound the post down further.
2 - Cut off the post to 23". Make sure you have sufficient post in the future if the water levels fluctuate.
3 - Remove the PVC top cap. The dock post will now extend above the post sleeve. This option will increase the upward adjustability but decrease the astetics.

What if my dock posts are recessed inside the dock frame?

Dock posts that are recessed will NOT allow the Better Boat Bumper to adjust below the dock level.

What if my dock is all wood construction?

The single and double direct mount bumpers are specifically designed for all wood docks or piers. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically directly to the wood posts or dock frame using lag screws or bolts.

Height Adjustment

What tools are needed?

A simple crescent wrench or a 3/4" socket is the only tool that is needed. Takes less than a minute.

How do you adjust the Better Boat Bumper?

The set screw on the post sleeve adjusts the bumper up. The set screw on the channel adjusts the bumper down.

How far does the bumper adjust up or down?

The bumper can be lowered down 20". The bumper can also be raised up 20" provided the dock post is at least 23" above the dock.


What is the material that comprise a Better Boat Bumper?

The post sleeve and channel are heavy gauge 6061-T6 aluminum. The fittings are 316 stainless steel. Bumpers are either 8" x 20" inflatable vinyl or durable polyethylene plastic. The polypropylene strap is UV-protected, will not stretch, and has a 1,500 lb breaking load. The top cap is PVC. These construction materials will provide you with a very durable, attractive and low maintenance bumper.