I love my boat.

Hate my dock bumpers!

They are not adjustable, don’t absorb shock, and look terrible.

I can't lower my bumpers when the lake levels drop leaving my boat unprotected. The hard plastic does a poor job of absorbing the shock when my boat hits the dock. The dock bumpers do not need to be this tall.  This unnecessary height blocks my views and is visually unappealing. Frustrated with the lack of options, I decided to create a Better Boat Bumper that would better protect my boat and look better too!

Other docks had similar problems.

The best bumper has no value if it doesn't get between the boat and the dock. The bumper had to be tall enough vertically above the dock for larger boats and when water levels rise. They also had to extend all the way down to the water line for smaller boats and when water levels fall. It also needs to look better than vinyl strips or an old tire.

People tried using fenders to protect their boat.

Inflatable boat fenders are fantastic at absorbing shock, extremely durable and would make a great dock bumper. However, getting a cylindrical fender to stay positioned on a dock post without rolling away on impact has always been a difficult challenge. Almost impossible. I was determined to find a solution.

How to keep the fender in the proper position?

Initially, I tried using inflatable fenders with eyes at each end. I attached each eye directly to the dock post using rope or zip ties. However, after several boat impacts, the fender slipped or rotated around the dock post. Now my boat was no longer protected. My next design used an inflatable fender with the hole thru the middle. I inserted a rod thru the hole and attached it to the dock post with L-brackets. This prevented the fender from rotating upon impact. However, if the fender was hit with great force, the boat could actually strike the protruding metal bracket. My next prototype combined the best elements from the previous designs. Configuring the center-hole fender, with a heavy-duty strap and buckle was highly effective. The fender stayed in perfect position on direct impact. Also, the concealed strap and buckle posed no risk of boat damage like the metal bracket.

Easily Adjustable

After months of researching and experimenting with various prototypes, I found the ideal combination of an aluminum T-channel tube paired with a sliding aluminum C-channel. This allowed the bumper to be easily raised or lowered in seconds with just one bolt. In many applications the bumper is capable of adjusting downward to the water line and upward to at least 60” from the water line.  

Extremely durable and looks good

A reliable and durable system that is constructed with heavy duty, weather resistant aluminum with stainless steel fittings that requires little or no maintenance.